Fortec Medix Supplies Limited was established and duly registered in Nairobi, Kenya in 2009.

Its inception was an initiative of Biomedical Engineers for purposes of carrying out Preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance installation, commissioning and sale of medical equipment and consumables and technical consultancy as far as medical equipment is concerned.

We are specialized in the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Medical Equipment. We offer Technical Support and Technical Consultancy to Medical Institutions to help them provide the best medical care to their patients. We distribute a vast array of medical equipment and supplies from renowned manufacturers around the world for physicians and surgeons, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, long term care facilities, hospitals and correctional facilities. We are privileged to have acquired sole distributorship of some of the best Medical Equipment from the Manufacturers.

We engage in ongoing market/industry research in order to constantly offer the unparalleled industry advice to our clients which in turn, saves them money as they are able to take advantage of the most affordable and efficient options available and thus resulting in an improved bottom-line.

At Fortec medix, we take great pride in efficient and timely delivery on our promises to clients. It is paramount that we deliver seamless and hustle free service to our clients.

Why You Should

Choose Us

When you engage Fortec Medix Supplies Ltd in service delivery, below are some of the key benefits your organization stands to enjoy:

  • Time to time update on changes in technology and problem solving solutions on real time basis.
  • Technical backup / support even after the expiry of the warranty period.
  • High business ethical values.
  • Agreeable payment plan for high value business.
  • Reliable, flexible and transparent services.
  • Adept team of professionals.
  • Competitive and reasonable rates.
  • Timely execution and delivery.
  • And as our policy states, “Extreme Quality in Every Dimension” is a guarantee to our clients.
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