It is very critical to have access to adequate supply of Oxygen in the Critical Care Units, in the Hospitals, to optimize on saving lives.

A medical Oxygen Plant can provide easy access to Medical Oxygen supply to patients, at an affordable price by eliminating the delays caused by inadequate supply of liquid Oxygen and Oxygen cylinders, as well as the logistics issues that come along with it.

Benefits of generating your own Oxygen:

  • 24/7 Oxygen generation for adequate Supply
  • Saves resident patient’s money spent on Oxygen by providing affordable healthcare
  • Leverage Investment in Oxygen Plant by selling to other private and public health institutions
  • Recovery of Investment Cost in 2 years
  • Reduced Cost of Health Procedures, attracting more patients and revenue to the Hospital
  • Saves against the expensive and recurring cost of Cylinders
  • Saves against cumbersome Costs associated with Logistics, faced due to challenges in the Supply Chain

How we can help you?

Fortec Medix Supplies Limited is partnering with Public and Private Hospitals, through Installation of Medical Oxygen Plants, to urgently increase the availability of Oxygen in the Critical Care Units. This will not only cushion the country during the Covid-19 pandemic, but as a sustainable solution that will outlast the crisis.

“We specialize in the Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of Medical Oxygen Plants. Our team of Experienced Bio-Medical Engineers are well equipped and trained to deliver quality to our customers, with the support of our Manufacturers, who ensure Quality and Certification of our Equipment; our forte being Critical Care Units.”

What we have to offer you?

  • We guarantee high purity of Oxygen (96% and above)
  • Support of Bio-Medical Engineers for maintenance at Competitive Prices
  • We offer Comprehensive Training to Health Workers
  • We also offer Supportive Devices and Accessories

Support and Maintenance:

We’ll ensure full support of the department through:

  • Manifold System
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Oxygen Regulators
  • Flow Meters
  • Humidifiers
  • Pulse Oximeters

Why go for our Plants?

  • 93/42 EEC CE Certificate
  • ISO 10083 standard CE Certificate
  • ISO 13485 CE Certificate
  • World’s largest Hospital references
  • 150 Hospital References

All patients deserve an easy access to adequate and affordable Oxygen – This has been our mandate, so let us partner in saving more lives!

Reach out to us for further queries at +254 707 261 128/+254 20 2611 284, or simply write to us at View all that we offer

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