With the amount of data available online (and offline) today, combined with the never-ending list of Suppliers who offer similar products/services in the Medical Equipment industry, it can be quite overwhelming to pick on the “right” Supplier.

However, it is not that difficult a task, when you have the “right” criteria at your disposal. To simplify your journey, and make it ever more convenient for you, we have come up with a list of factors that you can check off, as you go about your search. Here they are:

  1. Response Time – While you are researching alternatives, reach out to some prospective Suppliers and see how quick they respond to your enquiries.

You sure wouldn’t want to be stuck on contract with Suppliers who take their own sweet time, long after your problems have escalated.

  • Technical Backup/Support – Get to understand if they offer support even after the expiry of the warranty period.

Medical Equipment can have complicated systems that might need specialized technical assistance long after the warranty period.

  • High Business Ethics & Values – Make a few quick calls within your network. Do you get a good word or something you’d rather stay away from?
  • Agreeable Payment Plan – Ensure that the payment terms are sustainable and fair to both parties, and the only way to figure this one out, would be via meetings upon shortlisting a few Suppliers.
  • Adept Team of Biomedical Engineers – Do they have a fully functional team of capable Biomedical Engineers?

You wouldn’t want to be left out in the dark, when it comes to the tricky business of installation, repair, and maintenance of complicated systems that govern various Medical Equipment.

  • Range of Services Offered – Other than installing, commissioning, and sale of Medical Equipment, what other bonuses do they provide?

It is always beneficial to have Suppliers who are keen on “solving” your problems, and not simply focused on “selling” solutions. Do they provide consultancy, preventive maintenance, and corrective maintenance?

Well, you now have all the information you need to have a successful search and selection. The uncertainty associated with developing a new partnership is one that can’t be eliminated, but it can sure be minimized by keeping in mind the above points.

Before you take off, you can visit us fortecmedix.co.ke here, and understand more on how we can help you in your journey of searching for the right Medical Equipment, at the right time, at the right costs, and at the right place.

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